JENETRIC are pioneers in digital fingerprinting.

JENETRIC are experts in digital fingerprint capturing technology. We develop and manufacture biometric sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed and ease of use. Our solutions take a holistic approach to design. Not only do we focus on technical parameters but also on measurable efficiency in terms of performance and the noticeable improvement for users and agencies.

Our fingerprint scanners LIVETOUCH QUATTRO, LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact and LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Mobile represent a new class of compact and user friendly devices that will help to simplify and improve fingerprint capture processes.


Roberto Wolfer, CEO

Roberto founded the company together with Dirk in 2014. Roberto has a background in product management and years of leadership experience in shaping product strategy. His deep and fundamental knowledge of the industry is essential for a successful market positioning.

Dirk Morgeneier, CEO

Dirk founded the company together with Roberto in 2014. He has a long history of developing new technologies and products and is known as a successful technology influencer in the industry. His ideas and developments have shaped the market over the past 20 years and his visions and ideas are the future of our industry.