Awarded one more time: JENETRIC is Thuringia’s „Startup Champion“

The Jena-based biometrics company is awarded the state prize in the national business competition of the KfW Group, a promotional bank which supports and encourages promising ideas worldwide.

After receiving the first prize in the category of information technology of the 12th IQ Innovation Award Central Germany, JENETRIC was once again distinguished. With their LIVETOUCH Technology, the company convinced the KfW Group jury comprising experienced representatives from politics and business, who rated the business ideas based on their degree of innovation, creativity and social responsibility.

"The award of ‘Startup Champion of Thuringia’ once again confirms that our company has been doing everything right. Our team, the investors, but above all, the desire to create something new and the opportunity to make some small contribution to a more secure world, has contributed over the past two years to the success of our products," says Dirk Morgeneier, one of the founders and CEO of JENETRIC GmbH. The company combines in its products the highest security requirements with simplicity of operation, and helps, for example, to decrease waiting times at borders.