"Beyond technical standards: User-centric technology for consistent image quality"

JENETRIC’s CEO Roberto Wolfer will talk about image quality for fingerprint on the 1st Conference of the European Division of the IAI

Fingerprint image quality not only depends on the device itself but also to a high degree on the user. Users need instant quality feedback and guidance for avoiding capture mistakes and achieving highest image quality independent from environmental conditions.

On the inaugural conference of the European division of the oldest and largest forensic association in the world, the International Association of Identification (IAI), JENETRIC Co-founder and CEO Roberto Wolfer will give a talk about consistent high image quality for fingerprint scanners.

The theme for the conference, taking place 9th to 11th October in Leicester, UK, will be quality standards and the way technology can support quality.

Wolfer will introduce latest fingerprint technologies and standards developments towards consistent fingerprint image quality. New "smart" technology is able to detect and analyze the fingers in real-time, generates appropriate feedback to the user and thus simplifying and enhancing the fingerprint capture process.