Biometrics 2015: LIVETOUCH quattro, the world’s smallest ID Flats scanner, first time on display outside USA

LIVETOUCH technology redefines user friendliness for capturing fingerprint and increases public acceptance of biometric systems.

From October 13 to 15 JENETRIC will introduce the "LIVETOUCH quattro" at the Biometrics 2015 in London (booth W215). The organizers expect about 1000 visitors from the academic, government, industry and end user sectors. One key aspect of this years meeting is public understanding and acceptance of the use of biometric technology depending upon building consumer trust.

"Here, our product can make a valuable contribution", says Roberto Wolfer, co-founder and CEO of JENETRIC, who will present the new technology within the  "Rapid Fire Session" on October 14. "Thanks to the unique user guidance of our 'LIVETOUCH quattro' people will be more confident and successful at being identified through fingerprints; they might even enjoy using the device."

"LIVETOUCH quattro" is two thirds smaller than conventional devices and is the first fingerprint scanner fully certified to the FBI standard for Mobile ID FAP 60. The graphical display beneath the sensor is used for both illuminating the capture area as well as for displaying the user instructions. "Thus, we are able to combine the highest image quality requirements with incredibly simple operation. Operators not only save time and money, but they also increase the public acceptance of using fingerprint systems", underlines Wolfer.