Despite cancellation of the company run: JENETRIC initiates fundraising campaign and supports "Tausend Taten e. V." association from Jena

Thuringia/Jena, 17.09.2020

JENETRIC GmbH, manufacturer of biometric devices, wants to set an example for the solidarity around his home town after the cancellation of the company run in Jena in 2020. To this end, the Jena-based company has waived the reimbursement of the entry fees for the cancelled run in order to take into account the commitment of the organizer Laufladen Jena and all the organizers, and has also collected funds of 350 euros among its employees. Runners of JENETRIC handed these over to the Jena-based association "Tausend Taten e.V." in the course of their own run.

Dirk Morgeneier, Managing Director of JENETRIC GmbH: "We have kept our fingers crossed for the organizers of the Jena Company Run 2020 that the developed running concept can be implemented under COVID-19 despite the difficult conditions. We noticed the cancellation with great regret. As a regionally anchored company, we would like to assume responsibility. We want to encourage and challenge other companies from Jena and the region with a symbolic baton to strengthen the social cohesion and to support the socially committed associations especially in these difficult times. The association Tausend Taten e.V. is a social contact point whose commitment particularly impresses us. It is a meeting place for numerous volunteers who passionately and with open eyes and ears implement a wide range of social projects, such as "Sponsors for Dementia"."

People with dementia and their caring relatives are permanently exposed to high stress and often bear the fate of this disease alone. "Godparents for Dementia" give people with dementia a few hours of their time and support those affected in their home environment. In this way, relatives can experience valuable, sometimes urgently needed relief.

For the association, the cancellation of this year's company run does not only mean that a great and eventful day with many activities and entertainment will not take place, but also that the proceeds from the entrance fees will not be available for association activities this year. "Since we as an association are always dependent on donations and charity actions like the company run, the news hit us particularly hard," say the two project managers of the elderly care projects. "We are therefore very pleased that JENETRIC has taken this special initiative and is supporting us with a specially organized fundraising campaign. We were especially touched by the sporting commitment and the willingness to donate on the part of all employees*, because we are especially grateful for donations, especially after the last turbulent months, which also brought with them completely new challenges for our activities.

JENETRIC was able to win Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt for the campaign and today passed on the baton to Mr. Marco Walther and Ms. Peggy Kretzer, who will continue to run the relay to ProKassa e.V., the support association of Kassablanca Gleis 1. There the cooperative bank will in turn hand over a donation and then pass on the baton to another company.