Electronic signature and optimized user guidance: JENETRIC presents new features of the LIVETOUCH quattro

At “connect: ID” the German company introduces innovations for more effective biometric registration of individuals.

After the successful launch of its LIVETOUCH quattro last year JENETRIC now presents new functions of their ID Flats scanner. The interaction between the scanner and user has been further optimized. The user is guided through the fingerprint recording process, typical errors within the fingerprint capture process are identified and animations displayed directly on the scanner’s screen help the user to achieve high quality fingerprint images. For international applications, the new user interface deliberately avoids displaying any text messages.

The interface design was investigated by experts in human-machine interaction of the Technical University of Chemnitz. Volunteers of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and different ages have tested the device. "Through this extensive user study, we can now be sure that border controls, visa application procedures or the registration of individuals are much more effective with our new user interface," says Roberto Wolfer, one of the founders and CEOs of JENETRIC GmbH. "Citizens and travelers are warmly welcomed and concerns of using new technologies are reduced."
At “connect: ID”, one of the major international conferences on technologies and systems of personal identification, the team of JENETRIC presents another innovation of LIVETOUCH quattro. By capturing the electronic signature directly on the touchscreen of LIVETOUCH quattro a separate signature pad will not be necessary anymore. By the touchscreen the user can accept or repeat the electronic signature. With its combined scanning functionality, the LIVETOUCH quattro is perfectly suited for the application of travel passports or visa.

You will find the enhanced LIVETOUCH quattro at “connect: ID” on booth #516.

JENETRIC GmbH was founded in 2014 in Jena, Germany - a location famous for cutting-edge optical technology - by engineers with significant experience in fingerprint technology and special focus on the development of biometric systems. The multidisciplinary team includes hardware and software specialists as well as production and sales professionals. The company is financed by internal ownership, a business angel and by the “Thuringian Gründerfond” as well as by the „High-Tech Gründerfonds“. The company follows a holistic approach in its product development with a clear and strong focus on customer requirements and with the ambitious goal of enhancing living and working conditions by using biometric systems.