JENETRIC presents the LIVETOUCH DUO, a super compact dual fingerprint scanner.

With the new LIVETOUCH DUO, JENETRIC expands its LIVETOUCH product series with one of the most compact FAP 45 dual fingerprint scanners. Besides its small size and weight, the new device also features integrated encryption for secure transmission of the captured fingerprints.

Jena, June 15, 2022: JENETRIC answers the increasing demand for mobile identity verification with a super compact and lightweight two-finger scanner. The FBI certified FAP45 LIVETOUCH DUO allows for the capture of flat and rolled fingerprints in forensic image quality. This combination of high performance and small size is made possible by the use of optical TFT technology. Combined with very low power consumption, the new scanner is perfect for integration into tablets or capture kits, and can be used in conjunction with mobile phones.

"We have years of experience with TFT technology so we can offer a two-finger scanner that provides the same scratch resistance and robustness as our FAP 60 devices," says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC GmbH. "The scanner has an additional protective glass and is protected all around against water and dust according to IP65."

Integrated encryption ensures that the recorded data is transmitted in encrypted form between the fingerprint scanner and the host device. "What is very convenient here is that this encryption is always on board and the user does not have to worry about it. The encryption and decryption of the data is completely handled by our software development kit," says Roberto Wolfer.

Of course, infection protection has also been thought of and a permanent anti-microbial coating is optionally available. The regular shape of the modern USB-C interface completes the picture for an easy to integrate two-finger scanner into mobile capture terminals.

Whether for mobile border control, visitor management, passport creation, voter registration or customer registration in a bank – the LIVETOUCH DUO is perfect for all of this.

The LIVETOUCH DUO fingerprint scanner will be presented to the international audience for the first time at ID4Africa in Marrakech from June 15 – 16 at JENETRIC's booth #A03.

For more information about the LIVETOUCH DUO, please visit our product page:   LIVETOUCH DUO