JENETRIC introduces new fingerprint scanner that combines user display and fingerprint capture area

Two thirds smaller than conventional devices: LIVETOUCH quattro is the world’s first ID Flats scanner certified by the FBI for Mobile ID

JENETRIC is pleased to announce the introduction of the “LIVETOUCH quattro” at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida where it will be on display and available for live demonstration. The device is the first of a family of products that will be based on the LIVETOUCH Technology, a new way for the collection of biometric identifiers. For the first time ever, a transparent image sensor based on optical TFT technology combines the fingerprint capture area with the user display for instructions and real-time feedback. LIVETOUCH conquers the limitations of previous systems and redefines user friendliness for capturing fingerprints.

“LIVETOUCH quattro” is two thirds smaller than conventional devices and is the first device fully certified to the FBI standard for Mobile ID FAP 60. The graphical display beneath the sensor is used for both illuminating the capture area as well as for displaying the user instructions. That way, prisms, lenses and mirrors used in traditional fingerprint scanners become obsolete.