JENETRIC opens virtual showroom

To coincide with the congresses of Biometrics Institute and Identity Week Asia, JENETRIC launches its virtual, interactive showroom.

Jena/London/Singapore, October 6th, 2020

Getting to know and experience products despite a lack of personal contact - no problem. With the newly established virtual 3D showroom, JENETRIC now offers the opportunity to digitally discover the entire portfolio of LIVETOUCH fingerprint scanners. The product presentation offers a detailed 3D modelling of all the JENETRIC fingerprint scanners. Starting with the true-to-scale dimensions and the visible haptics of the devices, the technical data, download options and visualizations in the video, the visitor is introduced to the products in a completely new, interactive way.

What makes the JENETRIC showroom so special is its easy usability for everyone. The true-to-life environment of the showroom runs through a web browser on all devices, without the installation of additional software. It does not matter whether this is done on the road, on a tablet or smartphone, or on a desktop computer. Visitors can interact with the fingerprint scanners, view them from all angles in 360 degrees or even realistically place them on their desk.

"With limited personal contact currently available, we want to create an opportunity to present our products as realistically and comprehensively as possible. Our new 3D showroom allows our customers to interactively learn about our products, regardless of time and place," says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC. "We are pleased to be able to present ourselves to the participants of the Biometrics Institute Congress and Identity Week Asia as authentic exhibitors".

The new showroom is now available for every visitor to our website. Interactive features such as the video chat offer an uncomplicated and personal contact possibility with the product experts of JENETRIC.

The Biometrics Institute Congress will take place in several sessions starting on October 07 and Identity Week from October 14 to 15. The showroom will also be open afterwards on the JENETRIC website.

JENETRIC are your experts for digital fingerprint capture. We develop and manufacture biometric fingerprint scanners that meet today's requirements for simplicity, mobility and multi-purpose use. Our products are based on a holistic design. We focus not only on technical parameters, but much more on a noticeable simplification of fingerprint capture for operators and users.

Our fingerprint scanners LIVETOUCH QUATTRO, LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact and LIVETOUCH Flipcase represent a new class of compact and user-friendly devices that will help to simplify and improve the fingerprint capture process.