JENETRIC presents LIVETOUCH quattro with FBI tenprint certification for law enforcement applications

The world’s smallest tenprint scanner is now suitable for police applications. The integrated user guidance ensures continuous highest quality also for rolled fingerprints.


The LIVETOUCH quattro from JENETRIC has been FBI-certified for capturing rolled fingerprints.

Capturing high quality rolled fingerprints electronically is a challenge and usually demands long term experience from the officer. During the rolling process numerous individual images are taken and subsequently combined to a complete image. In any case it must be avoided that the fingers slip during recording or finger ridges are incorrectly aligned.
"Our LIVETOUCH quattro not only has an intelligent, error minimizing algorithm" says Roberto Wolfer, one of the founders and managing directors of JENETRIC. "The integrated user guidance, already simplifying the capture of plain fingerprints, now also supports officers during the roll capture process." Other than with conventional scanners, officers don’t need to divide their attention between the rolled finger and an external screen to control the capture process.  Following the user instructions of the scanner, they now can fully concentrate on rolling the finger only.
LIVETOUCH quattro’s transparent image sensor allows to show instructions on the display underneath the capturing area while fingerprint recording. The officer is provided with exact information, where, in which direction and at which speed the fingers have to be rolled. This new guidance will help to avoid typical errors such as slipping, lifting or twisting the fingers even under difficult conditions, and ensures a constant high quality of rolled fingerprints.
Thanks to the new FBI tenprint certification, LIVETOUCH quattro is now a highly versatile scanner and can be used  for example for law enforcement, background checks or during asylum registration procedures within the European Union.
"We know that especially in the fight against crime, the highest quality of fingerprints is essential. Therefore we are pleased to support our customers with a much easier way to capture rolled fingerprints and will present this new feature for the first time in September on booth #507 during the Global Identity Summit, says Wolfer.”