Mobile tenprint scanner with multiple functionality – made possible by JENETRIC

JENETRIC presents LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Mobile in Washington DC / USA - a unique mobile 3-in-1 device

Jena, Germany/ Malvern, PA USA - September 7th, 2017

Once again, JENETRIC, an internationally renowned provider of future-proofing fingerprint scanners, presents another innovative product: the launch of LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Mobile. This handheld scanner not only enables the capture of tenprints but also the scanning of documents and electronic signatures, and will be introduced at this year’s Federal Identity & Homeland Security exhibition in Washington, DC.

The small size and the light weight of the device is made possible by optical TFT technology. For the first time four fingers can be scanned simultaneously and without a wired connection to a computer.

The battery-powered device communicates wirelessly with any tablets or laptops and is thus ideal for the collection of identity data in mobile applications. Possible use cases include law enforcement, mobile border control, registration of refugees, entitlement programs or the verification of identities at major events.
Due to the wide range of outdoor applications the device has a robust design to overcome common environmental impacts such as scratches, bright sun light, water and dust.

Besides this new scanner JENETRIC has also improved existing products for an even broader use.

The compact tenprint scanner LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact now supports Windows as well as Android. Coupled with a smartphone the device is now even better suited for the integration into mobile enrolment systems.

Furthermore, the scanning of rolled fingerprints has been simplified via displaying a user guidance of the rolling process which makes it as easy as taking fingerprints with ink and paper.

IF you want to experience JENETRIC's products please visit us in booth 527 at the FED ID & Homeland Security event from Sept. 12-14, 2017 in Washington, DC.