US patent for multiple finger interaction

JENETRIC secures US patent for multiple finger interaction on mobile phone’s displays.

A new solution developed by JENETRIC can be used to expand the use of fingerprint recognition for touchscreen displays has been awarded a patent by the US patent office.


Jena, March 6, 2023: In addition to traditional fingerprint scanners for the homeland security market, JENETRIC is also exploring the use of TFT optical technology for display fingerprint sensors for cell phones. An important milestone was reached with a recently granted patent describing the use of multiple fingers on one display sensor.

By the new approach, multiple fingers can be recognized simultaneously on the touchscreen fingerprint sensor. Rather than just unlocking the phone or opening an application, fingerprints can be used to control individual applications in terms of security levels, permissions or what actions are triggered.

“Having multiple fingers recognized on one screen opens up a new spectrum of how apps are used with mobile devices. Opening an email client might require just one finger, whereas opening a financial app would require two fingers, and performing an actual financial transaction would require all four fingers to be verified.”, explains Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC.

In addition to controlling security levels and application permissions, overall convenience can be increased by assigning different fingers to different actions. For example, the copy and paste procedure can be accomplished by having one finger allocated for copying text and another finger for pasting it. Different finger angles can also be used to simulate writing on a touchscreen with a finger instead of a stylus.

“Although fingerprint sensors integrated in an entire mobile phone’s display are not yet available on a product level, this new method demonstrates the potential of using multiple fingerprints on a mobile phone or other touchscreen display. Controlling your smart home, your car, or ATM will be much more secure by using the patented solution.”


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