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The preparations for the new European ENTRY/EXT-System are in full swing in all member states. These recommendations, which distinguish between stationary, mobile/handheld equipment, have been elaborated by a working group consisting of experts from member states, FRONTEX, the European Commission and eu-LISA ( Starting today, we will highlight in a small series some technical recommendations for the fingerprint equipment that will be used at land and sea borders. So for example, for border crossings of pedestrians, ferries, cruise ships, cars and trucks, stationary equipment in self-serving systems is recommended.

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Guide for fingerprint category

Problems in finding the appropriate fingerprint scanner that fits your particular scenario? Roberto Wolfer recently published a guide providing help through the jungle of terms in the identity field and defining four steps choosing the right FBI fingerprint category.

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Five fundamentals for self-service fingerprinting

What does an effective "handshake" between human and machine look like? Roberto Wolfer published a very interesting article on the topic. Please feel free to download it.