Versatile, flexible and feature-rich Software Development Kit.

TOUCHLAB SDK provides the best interface for fast integration of JENETRIC`s biometric scanners into enrollment applications.

Full package

TOUCHLAB SDK is equipped with the complete set of functions for tapping the full potential of the e-c-thru technology. Starting by choosing the numbers and order of fingers to be captured, the art and parameters of feedback elements up to the touchscreen functionality – you determine what is best suited for your application.

Automatic scanning and built-in quality control

As a matter of course TOUCHLAB SDK allows to capture fingerprints automatically or manually. In addition it enables real-time quality checks during the capture process. Hence the quality is checked prior to capturing the fingerprint image and therefore reducing the failure-to-enroll rate and the number of re-captures.

Mature test tools

The CHECKBOX application allows you to analyze and test all functions of the device. Along with the ability to upload firmware updates and optional software licenses, CHECKBOX is a powerful tool that can be used in the field without specific training. Thus maintenance and support of your deployment becomes much more effective.

Full package

Automatic scanning and built-in quality control

Mature test tools

TOUCHLAB SDK – Specification

Supported platforms Windows 7/8.1/10 (32/64-Bit) AndroidTM* 7.0 Nougat and later
Programming interface C, .NET Java
Image quality checks

Integrated quality control for number, size and

position of fingers as well as NFIQ 2.0 quality


Integrated quality control for number, size and

position of fingers

Capture modes Automatic and manual
User guidance Integrated set of animations for capture and user guidance
Customization Configurable display information and user feedback
Fingerprint capture Freely selectable flat four, dual or single fingers, rolled fingers
Driver WHQL certified driver of JENETRIC scanners No separate driver required

Test tools

CHECKBOX application for testing

scanner functions

LIVESTAGE Mobile, application for testing

scanner functions

Recommended Hardware

Intel Core i5 (64-bit, 4 physical cores),

2,4 GHz, 4 GB RAM

4-core CPU; 4 GB RAM; armv8a or armv7a

or x86 support; OpenCL support

Documentation Comprehensive API description included

Supported devices





Optional software licenses

TOUCHLAB roll, TOUCHLAB signature, TOUCHLAB secure**

TOUCHLAB roll, TOUCHLAB secure**

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
**Presentation Attack Detection


  • ID card and passport application

    User friendly ID-card and passport enrollment

    Czech RepublicNorway

  • Inmate management

    Fast and reliable inmate management


  • Visa and passport application

    Use of JENETRIC's fingerprint scanners for visa- and passport enrollment

    GermanyNorwayCzech Republic

  • Background Check

    Fingerprint-based background checks in self-service


  • Border Control

    JENETRIC fingerprint scanners enable fast and secure border control.

    GermanyCzech RepublicFinland

  • Refugee Registration

    Lightweight and compact fingerprint scanners support mobile registration of refugees