3D4F Technology by JENETRIC

Biometric features of face, hand, iris, teeth are used as a measure to determine the unique identity of individuals in dealings with authorities. Particularly in the context of merging markets, the resulting international travel and also the refugee movement, which we currently experience, place increasing demands on the established contact-based fingerprint systems: Enrollment should be fast and robust, especially when users from a wide range of cultural backgrounds have to interact successfully with the device without prior knowledge or assistance. At the same time, proper hygiene must be maintained and the transmission of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses must be prevented. These requirements presuppose a high degree of automation, in which it must be determined, possibly by a machine, whether an attempt at deception has been made. 

Functionality of the 3D4F scanner from JENETRIC

  • Capture of the Fingerprints not only in their shape but also the ridge-valley profile in 3D
  • The use of one high resolution and high-speed camera in conjunction with fast structured light projector allows to capture a detailed  3D surface of fingerprints.
  • Transformation of the 3D point cloud in a 2D plane to allow a matching with 2D gray scale images
  • Therewith, perfect contrast images are possible – up to 100%
  • According the philosophy of JENETRIC an sneak user guidance were developed to support the user to to get captured his fingerprints without touching any surface even not by accident.
  • The design of the device allows also to capture thumbs
  • Solving the problem of 2D- and 2,5D*-technologies with areas of low contrast caused by the blood circulation characteristics of the skin as well as inverting problems due to inhomogeneous light reflections.

*only the shapes are captured in 3D

Contactless solutions available in the market



JENETRIC's contactless offering for the market



JENETRIC's solution – Key features

Finger Scanning

Fingers are scanned in a straight-forward and user-friendly way



Error correction

Users are informed how to correct hand positioning when required



Gesture recognition

Gestures recognition provides an additional layer of authentification



3D4F – video presentation

The following video illustrates the functionality and operation of the 3D4F technology on a demonstration unit.

The video is also available under the following link:

3D4F – Touchless 3D-4-fingerprint scanner – by JENETRIC