Our Products

LIVETOUCH QUATTRO combines unmatched user friendliness with high quality fingerprint images. Whether you capture single, dual or four fingers, its integrated touch screen provides easy to understand instructions that reduce failure to enrol rates and shorten the capture process. With its super compact design, LIVETOUCH QUATTRO integrates easily into enrolment systems in any operation environment.


LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact is the most compact tenprint scanner module on the market. It’s slim design, small size and lowest weight permits a smooth integration into portable enrollment system or mobile devices. FBI Appendix F certified for both ID Flats and tenprint fingerprint acquisitions, no compromise between compact size and best image quality is required.


LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Mobile is a truly multifunctional, mobile fingerprint scanner. It combines high quality fingerprint images with the ability to scan documents and electronic signatures. In combination with your mobile device it enables on-the-go enrolments, verification, identification and even authentication.


TOUCHLAB SDK provides the best interface for comfortable and fast integration of JENETRIC‘s biometric scanners into enrolment applications. Our API enables full access both to the scanner and a broad range of sophisticated features making the capture process as easy as possible.