E-c-thru technology

E-c-thru technology overcomes limitations in size, weight, and the objects to be captured by using a transparent optical TFT sensor to capture biometric data. The transparent TFT sensor consists of light-sensitive pixels. A graphical display below the sensor provides both illumination and user guidance.

Glass protection

Scratches are indentations on an otherwise smooth surface. For fingerprint scanners, scratches are relevant if they are located on the contact surface used for taking fingerprints. Scratches can be caused by daily use, for example by users with rings on their fingers. In addition, the cleaning of the scanner is a potential source of scratches when tiny dust and dirt particles are area adhere to the cleaning cloth.

Antimicrobial Coating

Similar to any other surface that people touch with their hands or fingers, fingerprint scanners are a potential source for the transmission of bacteria and viruses from one person to another. Although regular disinfection reduces the risk of infection, antimicrobial coatings can offer additional security by adding a permanent solution to effectively kill microorganisms.

3D4F Technology

The goal of the 3D4F Technology is a 4-finger scanner that meets all the requirements for a contactless finger scanner based on stuctured light in combination with a highspeed-camera. The acquisition is contactless and irritation-free for the user by means of 3D sensor technology - for all four fingers simultaneously. An important goal is user acceptance in the operation and handling of the system. The user shouldn’t feel any hurdles during operation and the technology shouldn’t be a deterrent. The goal is to create a sense of welcome feeling