JENETRIC supports research on new 3D technologies

The Jena-based company contributes its requirements for especially user-friendly fingerprint devices to the alliance "3DSensation"

The German biometrics company JENETRIC supports research projects funded by the Federal Government. It participates in the alliance "3DSensation", which is set out to provide machines with the ability of visual recording and interpretation of complex scenarios using innovative 3D technologies. JENETRIC takes part in a joint project funded with 1.72 million Euro by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research which investigates new algorithms and sensor concepts for high-resolution and highly dynamic 3D recording as a basis for specific sensor development. As an industrial partner, the Jena company is testing the developed algorithms and sensors to their suitability for the detection of 3D fingerprints in forensic quality.
The alliance "3DSensation" aims to make the handling of machines and all technical systems safer, more efficient and more intuitive, and furthermore to adapt man-machine interaction on the needs and experiences of people. "We gladly support this initiative, because it is in accordance with our own approach, combinding the highest technological demands with simple operation and maximum ease of use," emphasizes Roberto Wolfer, co-founder and CEO of JENETRIC GmbH.